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PURCHASING AT IDEAL FURNITURE A binding agreement of purchase has not been entered into with Ideal Furniture until you have received confirmation of purchase from us. The actual confirmation of purchase is not stored by Ideal Furniture once it has been sent to the customer.

PRICES All prices are in Euros and include 21% IVA (Including local tax). The prices are only applicable within the borders of Spain.

Price conditions are subject to: Change in exchange rate Force majeure Failure of delivery Change in fees Products out of stock and printing errors

SALES IN GENERAL The price stated at the time of order is the valid order price.

SPECIFIC FOR STORE SALES Store sales: Purchases made in our Ideal Furniture store.

Products purchased in our store are not eligible for cash refunds as one has the opportunity to inspect the product prior to transfer/passing of risk.

The product must be returned in its original and unopened container, as it must be possible to sell the product as new thereafter.

DELIVERY Ideal Furniture wholesalers reserve the right for products that are out of stock and delayed delivery times.

For prices and delivery options, we refer you to our delivery page.

CANCELLATIONS As a rule, an e-mail with the title "Cancellation" must be sent if you wish to cancel or annul an order already placed. This should include the date and time of when the order was placed, the order number and the reason for cancellation.

An order confirmation received by e-mail can be returned to info@idealfurniture.es with the title "Cancellation" in the subject field. Cancellations should be made before 6:00 pm on the same day that the order was placed.

PAYMENT The following payment methods are accepted by Ideal Furniture: Visa Diners Club
MasterCard Cash on delivery Cash As previously agreed (business only)

'CASH ON DELIVERY' and 'CASH' payments are only available for purchase made in the store.

The payment method 'AS PREVIOUSLY AGREED' can only be used by business and public institutions and only when they have reached a prior agreement of payment and security with Ideal Furniture.

The items sold shall remain the property of Ideal Furnitures until full payment has been made.

WARRANTY A 2-year warranty is given on products bought at Ideal Furniture. The difference between a warranty and a guarantee can be seen under rules of purchase.

If the product breaks unexpectedly while under warranty, it will be repaired free of charge at our own or the manufacturer’s repair shop.

Any damage to the product caused by operating errors, handling errors, modifications or blatant misuse by the user is not covered under the warranty.

USE OF WARRANTY Complaints regarding flaws and defects must be reported to Ideal Furniture within a reasonable period of time from when the product was received.

The customer is strongly urged to state the details of the product’s flaw or defect in connection with the warranty, as failure to do so can lead to prolonging the repair process.

Products not covered under the warranty and/or which are received without safe package will be re-packed and a fee corresponding to Ideal Furniture costs for secure, necessary package will be incurred.

Ideal Furniture will not accept products returned by cash on delivery or sent without postage.

PRODUCTS RETURNED WITHOUT DEFECT When returning defect or incorrect products to Ideal Furniture where the flaw or defect indicated by the customer cannot be found, the product will be returned to the customer and include an inspection fee.

The inspection fee is 20.00 Euro per half hour inc. IVA. The inspection fee is calculated according to the time used in connection with inspection and trouble shooting.

When accessories are attached, the amount, product description and installation instructions must also be enclosed. Products must be returned together with a copy of the invoice stating the date of purchase for the product in question. Otherwise, the product will be set-aside until a copy of the invoice and any error message concerning the product are available.

SECURE RETURN OF PRODUCTS All products returned to Ideal Furniture must be packed securely.

IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT Should any matters of dispute arise, Ideal Furniture kindly ask that you direct your enquiries to info@idealfurnitur.es or +34 952 853 123.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS FOR OWNERS OF BUSINESSES The same conditions of sale apply for owners of businesses as for the consumer but with the following modifications: Business owners are without the right to cancel. A warranty of 1 year applies from the date on the original invoice. Exchanges or repairs do not imply the start of a new 1 year warranty period. Ideal Furniture reserve the right of ownership for goods bought on credit until the sum of purchase is paid in full. All expenses connected with the enforcement of retention of title rest with the buyer. An interest rate of 1% is accrued for each month or part of a month from the date due.


  1. Warranty
  2. Guarantee
  3. Right of exchange
  4. Reasonable amount of time
  5. Rule of assumption
  1. WARRANTY The warranty gives the customer the right to complain about a defect or flaw in a product that existed when the product was sold. The customer has 48 hours in which to find the flaw or defect in the product, which can be proven to be the liability of the seller.

  2. GUARANTEE A guarantee is a specific agreement entered into by the buyer and seller.

  3. RIGHT OF EXCHANGE As a rule, the consumer can demand to exchange a product instead of accepting the seller’s offer of repairing the product. There is, however, a very important condition: The consumer can only demand an exchange if the demand does not impose exorbitant expenses compared to the cost of the repair.

  4. REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME According to the new Sale of Goods Act, the consumer always has two months in which to react on locating a flaw or defect in a product. Hence, complaints submitted within two months are viewed to be within a reasonable amount of time and thus in accordance with the law.

  5. RULE OF ASSUMPTION The last important change to the Sale of Goods Act is the so-called rule of assumption, meaning that within the first six months after a purchase it is assumed that the defect already existed at the time of purchase. In practice the rule means that the consumer is ensured a more lenient burden of proof in the first six months, making it easier for the consumer to exchange the product within the first six months. Right of cancellation

  6. The mandatory 14 days right of cancellation
  7. How to return your product

  8. THE MANDATORY 14 DAYS RIGHT OF CANCELLATION The consumer has the 14 days right of cancellation for a consumer purchase where the order has been placed by telephone or on the Internet.

The right of cancellation starts the moment the product is handed over to the consumer. If a purchase is cancelled within 14 days, we will refund the price of the product.

The product must be returned to the store within 14 days after receipt in order to exert the right of cancellation.

A condition for using the right of cancellation is that the product is returned in the same condition as the day it was handed over. If the product is not returned in its original condition, an approximate assessment on the basis of a potential sale value will be made by Ideal Furniture.

When using the right of cancellation the product must be returned in its ORIGINAL PACKING. The lack of ORIGINAL PACKING often results in a deterioration of sales value. This means that, on the basis of an evaluation by Ideal Furniture, you will be credited with a comparably lesser amount corresponding to the deterioration. At worst, the lack of ORIGINAL PACKING etc. means that the purchase cannot be cancelled.

The costs for sending a returned product rest with the consumer.


At this moment on time the only products that can be returned will be those ones that are faulty or damaged. In this case, you will have to communicate the problem to the delivey company when you receive the goods.

Once the delivery company is informed and they can check the item the product has to be returned to Ideal Furniture within 14 days unless
You can deliver the product to the store within 14 days.

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