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Alicia Base

Alicia Base

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Upholstered lid with imitation leather or fabric edge as standard (leatherette and fabric colors available in our samples), padded in compacted hollow fiber and treated for greater breathability of the mattress (3D colors available: chocolate, white, black, beige or silver).

PREMIUM lid (8 mm board anchored to a 40×30 metal structure (total thickness of the lid 6+- 0.5 cm. with 4 longitudinal bars, a transverse bar placed on top of the anchoring of the cylinders and 6 perimeter reinforcement bars , with 16 ventilation holes and 4 aeration valves).

WOODEN or METAL HANDLES screwed to the lid structure
to prevent them from coming loose when we lift the lid with the mattress on the day after day. (Colors available in our handle color sample).

Bottom of the sofa made of 16 mm board. Interior structure made of 16 mm particle board. Interior of the canapé in MELAMINE. Rubber finish on the bottom of the sofa (to prevent dust from entering).

DOUBLE BOMB HINGE to reinforce the hinge and make its opening smoother and we manage to extend the life of both the hinge and the hydraulics.

(Please send us a message or email for more specifications such as color, handles, etc.)


160x 180/190/200/210cm
180x 180/190/200/210cm

200x 180/190/200/210cm

Estimate 8 weeks