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Litoral Topper

Litoral Topper

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Technology: Viscoelastic Treatments: Ergonomic Firmness: 2/5 Total height: +/- 6cm Independence of beds: Good Description Topper Memory of viscoelastic is a product that can be placed on any type of mattress, this topper or on mattress, is usually used for Increase comfort when the mattress is very limited in quality or has deteriorated by age the solution is a topper. COMPOSITION In the core of the Topper Memory, the most important of the viscoelastic is that it molds to your body totally being very comfortable and this will thank you at rest. The total height of the topper is 6 cm + -1. The Topper is made of high quality stretch fabric and is very elastic to facilitate the movements of people who sleep while guaranteeing rest. Why Topper Memory? Especially because of the feeling of rest that it provides to reduce the pressure of our body at different points, increasing and improving blood circulation, we will gain comfort in any type of mattress.
The Viscoelastic Topper is ideal for people who like to sleep in fluffy and have a second residence and want to rest well during their stay or do not want to renew their old mattress. The topper not being a rigid structure its measures of length can vary +/- 2cm

W80 x D190 x H6cm
W80 x D200 x H6cm
W90 x D190 x Hcm
W90 x D200 x H6cm
W135 x D190 x H6cm
W150 x D190 x H6cm
W150 x D200 x H6cm
W160 x D200 x H6cm
W180 x D200 x H6cm

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