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Memory Plus Mattress

Memory Plus Mattress

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High-viscoelastic mattress, padded with viscoelastic So THAT the body is in contact with the material and feel the sensation of weightlessness so pleasant and comfortable of mistletoe. High resistance hr core for greater support and firmness of the mattress.

W80 x D190 x H28cm
W80 x D200 x H28cm
W90 x D190 x H28cm
W90 x D200 x H28cm
W135 x D190 x H28cm
W150 x D190 x H28cm
W150 x D200 x H28cm
W160 x D190 x H28cm
W160 x D200 x H28cm
W180 x D200 x H28cm

Estimate 2-3 weeks.  (Please contact us, this product might be in stock)