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Ortopedico Mattress

Ortopedico Mattress

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Special Bonell system biconic springs mattress with lumbar reinforcement and maximum firmness to protect the back from muscular pains and stress. Rich padding, special firmness with stretch fabric of superior quality, breathable and anti-dust treatment for perfect hygiene and an environment free of allergic reactions

W80 x D190 x H28cm
W80 x D200 x H28cm
W90 x D190 x H28cm
W90 x D200 x H28cm
W135 x D190 x H28cm
W150 x D190 x H28cm
W150 x D200 x H28cm
W160 x D190 x H28cm
W160 x D200 x H28cm
W180 x D190  x H28cm
W180 x D200 x H28cm

Estimate 2-3 weeks.  (Please contact us, this product might be in stock)