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100% Cotton Summer Bedding Set (180cm Bed)

100% Cotton Summer Bedding Set (180cm Bed)

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Elevate Your Summer Slumber with Our Bedding Sets - Unmatched Comfort and Style

Upgrade your summer nights with our exquisite Bedding Sets, meticulously crafted from 100% cotton for a luxurious blend of comfort and style. Immerse yourself in the perfect night's sleep with our high-quality, breathable fabrics designed to enhance your overall well-being.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality Materials: Indulge in a blissful summer sleep with our bedding sets crafted from 100% cotton. Our commitment to excellence ensures a restful and rejuvenating experience.
  • Lighter Duvet for Summer: Embrace the warmth without the weight! Our summer bedding sets feature a lighter duvet (250g) perfect for warmer nights, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable.
  • Complete Sets for Summer Convenience: Experience convenience with our all-inclusive bedding sets offering a cohesive and stylish solution for your bedroom. Everything you need in just one click.
  • Durability Meets Summer Comfort: Enjoy the perfect balance of durability and summer comfort. Our bedding sets are not only designed to withstand the test of time but also to provide a plush and inviting retreat every summer night.
  • Variety of Colors: Express your personal style by choosing from a wide range of colors. Whether you prefer calming neutrals or vibrant hues, our towel sets allow you to customize your bathroom with ease.
Invest in your well-being with summer bedding sets that prioritize your comfort. Elevate your summer sleep experience and wake up refreshed and revitalized.What does the set include?2 Flat sheets 270x270cm
2 Fitted sheets 180x190/200cm
2 Duvet covers 280x240cm
8 Pillow cases 70x50cm
1 Quilted Duvet Himalaya 250gr 280x240cm
4 Moshy Nova Pillow 70x50cmAdditional Information:
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Colors: Choose from a variety of elegant colors including White, Cream, Beige, Pink, Mauve, Sky Blue, Pearl, etc.
  • Sizes: 180x190cm & 180x200cm