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Titanium Mattress

Titanium Mattress

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Viscoelastic double-sided mattress with pocket spring block is the perfect combination for maximum comfort and total independence at rest. The bagged spring block Allows greater independence to each person in the bed.

W80 x D190 x H30cm
W80 x D200 x H30cm
W90 x D190 x H30cm
W90 x D200 x H30cm
W135 x D190 x H30cm
W150 x D190 x H30cm
W150 x D200 x H30cm
W160 x D190 x H30cm
W160 x D200 x H30cm
W180 x D200 x H30cm

Estimate 2-3 weeks. (Please contact us, this product might be in stock)